dailylife mastery

Welcome to DailyLife Mastery blog.

I’m Srikant 25 years old, the man behind this blog. I started this blog to keep track of my life.

I was planning for many days but now it happened finally. I will share everything on this website about my life journey.

I am failed in all areas of my life right now in terms of personal development, financially in debt, physically weak, but now I have thought to bring my life on track.

I have many weaknesses like not planning to do anything, no idea about the goals in my life, working very hard to survive financially.


From this year 2021, I want to make progress anyhow, and mainly I will focus on personal development, mindset, physical fitness, and financial growth.

I will write about all the goals in every area of my life publicly on DailyLife Mastery blog and will try to achieve them within the time I will set respectively.

What I’m expecting from you?

I would love to take your suggestion on the topic I am writing, you can guide me as per your experience as a comment or you can message me by using the contact form.